Brian Shanahan – National Representative

George Spencer – Assistant National Representative / Local Chairman

Chris Culbreth – Assistant Local Chairman

Rick Rios – President – Metra

Nubia Guzman – Interim Vice President – Metra

Stacey Bull–Interim Financial Secretary Treasurer – Metra

Vacant – Recording Secretary – Metra

Joi Harris – Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Metra

Kim Durrell – Board of Trustees – Metra

Vacant – Board of Trustees – Metra

Mark Hannigan – Board of Trustees – Metra

Amy Ortiz – Protective Committee Member for General Office District – Metra

Marla Davenport – Protective Committee Member for MED – Metra

Reginald Faulkner – Protective Committee Member for MED – Metra


If you wish to get in touch with any one of your lodge officers you can send an email to the following email:

Please include the name of the officer that the email is for in the “subject” box along with the subject.

You are still able to contact using all means of communication that you have been in the past.